UK Fabric Company Discovers Accents of the South!

UK fabric company, Terry’s Fabrics interviewed Beverly about her design philosophy, inspiration and creative process.

See her interview below.

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics

Image Credit: 1) Hickory Chair 2) Julie Neill 3) Mr Brown Home 4) Kindel Furniture 5) Shadow Catchers Art

– Transcript –

1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I believe in the blending of traditional Southern style with modern sensibilities to create timeless interiors. Focusing on interior architecture, to ground our designs.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

The process of research and reflection helps me begin a design.  By addressing the setting of each project, reflecting on the architectural style of the home and client’s intent, I begin the design process.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

Working with so many creative individuals every day, to select one individual would be impossible. Our seamstress, tile setters, upholsterer, cabinet makers and wood workers, faux finishers, our architects and landscape designers, and of course my staff all bring their special gifts to the table. I have learned so much collectively from each of them, and they have helped make me the designer I am today.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

Often items from our clients’ collections inspire a design, making the space a reflection of their personality.  It’s these feelings we coax from our design that make a house a home.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

When I began my firm, Accents of the South, over 30 years ago, it was the first of its kind to blend interior design with architecture. Through hard work, creativity and good client relationships, my interior design business has flourished.


Color Trends

It’s always been fascinating to me how color trends are researched and predicted.  Color forecasters look at various aspects when predicting the next year’s trends.  Current and upcoming events like an election or the Olympics, technology, current fashion trends, and various other factors help them pinpoint what colors will be seen in architecture, home décor, and fashion.

PPG Color Experts brainstorming this years color trends


After attending High Point Market this year, one of the biggest trends I saw was color, lots of color.  Recently I attended a seminar sponsored by PPG, all about color forecasting and this year’s color trends.  I saw examples of three distinct trends at market, which coincide with three palettes PPG predicted.

Rustic Simplicity
Rustic Simplicity

The first palette we call Rustic Simplicity, which consists of pigments found in nature.  These colors have a vintage spirit and are a blend of both the old and new worlds.  Nature is a huge driving force for this palette and the architecture inspired by it, while still having a contemporary and casual feel.  Hammered metals, patterned and carved woods, suedes, and stamped leathers make up the materials unique to this palette.  Overall this scheme is earthy and understated.

Here are two projects we’ve designed that make use of the Rustic Simplicity palette.

Picture 6

Luminous Hues
Luminous Hues


Luminous Hues is the next color trend.  This palette is a fresh, bold scheme which mixes dazzling brights such as royal blue, imperial green, citron and Chinese red with softer neutral tonalities. Driven by self-expression and technology, interiors have more of a glamorous 70’s look.  Chrome-finished metals, dimensional wood paneling, and metallic patent leathers are the perfect companions to this eclectic palette.

This room done by Eric Cohler is a perfect example of Luminous Hues and was featured in Traditional Home.
Bright, lively hues fill this Gameday house in Auburn, that we had the pleasure of designing.


Soft Serenity
Soft Serenity

Finally Soft Serenity is the antithesis of Luminous Hues.  A soothing, soft, inviting scheme of azure blues, lavenders and blushes with accents of dark gray and black to anchor the ethereal spirit. This palette offers an escape and refuge from the fast pace of life and promotes balance and peace.  Austere, quite spaces are created with accents of satin brass, bleached driftwoods and floral prints.  Subtle, harmonious spaces best describe this tranquil palette.

Both of these spaces with their soft pastel and neutral palettes reflect this trend exquisitely.


No matter your style one of these color palettes will be perfect for you and your home.  Don’t be afraid to change up your color scheme or add a new color to the mix!

Creating the Perfect Porch Swing

Spring is here, and the summer months are just around the corner.  Activities have already begun to shift outdoors, and soon we will all be looking for a nice place to escape the heat.  A porch swing is a great addition to any outdoor space or sun room, where you can spend time enjoying conversation with family and friends or just relaxing on your own.  There are a lot of unique swing options, and no matter the style you choose there is a perfect one for you.

When designing a porch swing, it is important to know who will be using it.  We’ve had several opportunities to design custom porch swings for clients of all ages.  Each design presents us with different challenges and goals.  For example a family with small children will want a swing with little to no movement and have enough room for the whole family.  A married couple, on the other hand, might want a fully upholstered swing just big enough for two.

Location is a key factor in the design of a custom swing.  Whether the swing is going outside on a covered porch or inside a sun room, it will affect the type of materials you use.  The options are endless: wood, which has many options within itself, metal, or fully upholstered.  Exposure to sun and rain will also determine which material will work best for your space. 

Tasia SwingComfort of course is the main driving force behind the design, and proportions of the swing are vital to achieving this goal.  The seat depth and back height as well as the angle of the back are crucial decisions that will directly relate to the overall comfort of the swing.  Remember the seat height can be adjusted during the installation process. 

The final step of the design is the overall aesthetic.  Fabrics and finish materials are all selected based on the space and your style.  This is the fun part where you can be as creative as you want.  Typically we hang our swings with rope, and lucky for us we have someone who is great at tying intricate knots.  Of course chain can be used instead of rope to hang your swing, and this will give it a completely different look. 

IMG_0810 (2)Now relax and swing the day idly away during those hot days of summer!

Accents of the South has entered Traditional Home’s Design Contest!


I’m so excited to enter Traditional Home’s “New Trads” design contest. Traditional Home has always been one of my favorite publications, and to showcase one of our designs in their magazine would be a wonderful honor. When entering this contest I had to answer important questions about my design style and experience, which gave me the opportunity to look back at past designs and think about what sets them apart. 

I would like to share all of my responses with you and encourage you to vote for us!  Voting is going on through March 15th at midnight, and you can vote daily as well as share with your friends on Facebook! Please follow the link below to vote. We’d love to have your vote! Picture1

Vote for us here!



My Design Style:

Blending traditional Southern style, with details that are thoughtfully designed and cleanly executed is what authenticates my designs.  I believe in creating homes that are a reflection of my clients’ sense of place, and through the process of research and study, inspiration for each project is found.

Today especially after the down turn in the market, I am designing homes smaller and more intimate in scale.  With this in mind, I choose to focus on the interior architecture of the space. Sustaining the same respect for interior architecture that is bestowed upon the exterior design is important. This respect allows me to form a solid foundation in my designs through the use of moldings, ceiling details and cabinetry.  It helps me to create beautiful, authentic and purposeful spaces.  Where great design, meaningful furnishings, color and texture coax emotion as one walks through the door.

My Proudest Accomplishment:

Establishing one of the South’s leading interior design firms through the creation of timeless thoughtful interiors for my clients fills me with pride.  I’ve also had the privilege of being featured in publications such as: Traditional Home, Southern Living, The Washington Post and Southern Lady.  My firm has won several ASID design awards including Platinum. 

Giving Back to the Community:

Helping my community and beyond is just as rewarding as finishing a design project.  Currently with Auburn University, I serve on their Interior Design Advisory Board, giving faculty and students advice and feedback and on the Executive Board for Women’s Philanthropy as Scholarship Chair.  I also am the Trust and Endowment Chair for the Episcopal Church of the Nativity, past Chairman for the Huntsville Museum of Art Gala and Foundation Board Member, and an active ASID member.

My Design Background:

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, over 30 years ago, in Interior Design from Auburn University, I founded Accents of the South; one of the first of its kind in the South.  From my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, my firm and I design custom high-end residences throughout the Southeast and beyond.  Integrating interior design with architecture, I design spaces that are both functional and masterfully detailed, while remaining loyal to the Southern integrity in design.  It is my goal to maintain the ideals of the quote from Willie Morris, “ In the South, perhaps more than any other region, we go back to our home in dreams and memories, hoping it remains what it was on lazy, still summer’s day twenty years ago”.



Designing Your Home from the Ground Up

With a new year upon us and spring on the way, now is the perfect time to begin designing a new home, renovate or add onto your existing home. In addition to our interior design services, Lewis Robinson, who returned back in September, can help clients from the ground up. Lewis has a master’s degree in architecture and a career full of fabulous homes here in North Alabama, Louisiana, and has even renovated houses in Beverly Hills and the New York Hamptons. With his education and professional experience in modern architecture, local historical and neoclassical styles, he can come up with original ideas that fit any style of home.

Exerior Porch

In any new home, there are 4 phases of the process, and here is how we at Accents of the South would go about designing your home.

  1. Preliminary Design

Designing a new home is a process that allows you the homeowner to fully give your input during the design phase. Our initial meeting will give us an idea of your needs. This includes how many and what types of rooms you want, square footage, budget, and most importantly gives insight into your personal style. Often the owner even wants advice when purchasing a lot to ensure it’s just the right place for the type of home they want.

The next step is to meet with you at the site. A custom designed home should respond to its location, take advantage of important views, trees, rises and dips in the land to give your home a truly custom design, and even look at the context and take design clues from neighboring homes and buildings, which is particularly important in historic districts.

Out comes the trace paper and pens, and Lewis starts sketching. The process begins very loosely with “bubble diagrams” that simply show arrangements of spaces rather than shapes of rooms. These diagrams then develop into floor plans, and the house begins to take shape with character and flow defined. As the design develops the exterior walls of the house, known as elevations, are developed simultaneously with these initial plans. It’s critical that they work both inside and outside.


  1. Design Development

Now it’s time to concentrate on little details. The core spaces of the house are studied and presented, so that we can tailor the look to you. Windows and doors take shape, and the exterior look is finalized.

  1. Construction Documents

With the design finalized, this phase is the most important to your contractor. The construction documents let the contractor know exact room dimensions as well as provide them with charts known as schedules for all of your doors and windows, flooring, wall and ceiling surfaces. The structural engineer will size all the beams and framing, and provide structural details that go into deep detail making sure your house is strong from the foundation up. During this time we will design cabinetry for your kitchens and baths, along with baseboards, door and window casings, and crown moldings.


  1. Construction Administration

Lewis, our construction administrator, our structural engineer and the contractor all work as a team to ensure the HVAC and electrical are installed in the correct locations before the first sheetrock even goes up. Our structural engineer will also provide inspections on the foundation, and we will continue to work together with the contractor until the day you move in. At the end, a “punch list” of items your contractor has either missed or needs to finish will be completed before the final payment is made.


Here at Accents of the South, we will make the construction process easy for you.  Our experience, skill and staff will help you make your dream a reality.  At Accents of the South we can design from the ground up, including selecting the perfect furnishings and finishes to finish the home.

ASID Award Winners


I am thrilled to announce that Accents of the South won six awards at the ASID Design Excellence Awards this year.  We were the Platinum Overall winner with the Gold Kitchen, Silver Kitchen, Gold Large Residence, Gold Large Retail and Bronze Healthcare awards as well.  Thank you to my staff, this is quite an honor.

I would also like to thank all of our clients who gave us the opportunity to bring their dreams to life and their permission to share it with our colleagues. 

Bryant Williams, Chapter Administrator of ASID Alabama, spoke highly of our work, “Your awards were GREATLY deserved. Your kitchen design was breath-taking…literally! It stunned me when I saw it.”

I am truly blessed!Picture1


Gold KitchenGold Kitchen

When designing this home, we wanted the home owners to truly feel part of the surrounding terrain. Soaring ceilings in the great room allow expansive views to be seen from the kitchen.  One nice feature are the two islands: one for prep and the other for congregating and eating, perfect for large gatherings.  Natural finishes like the stone counters and pickled wood cabinets are the back drop for the custom “twig” sconces and chandeliers we designed for the space.  We mixed comfortable, transitional details that bring serene luxury to a home where weekend guests are welcome and entertaining happens naturally.

Silver KitchenSilver Kitchen

Our clients were in need of an updated kitchen, and wanted a happy color palette with more seating for their family of five.  By adjusting the layout of the island and the kitchen table, we opened up the room.  We designed simple cottage cabinets that ran up to the ceiling, giving the room height.  Pops of scarlet red, creamy marigold and rich marine blue were added throughout the space.  A large rustic table with the ability to expand and a banquette gave the clients plenty of seating.  This space is now functional and family friendly!

Gold Large ResidenceGold Large Residence

Entertaining and large family gatherings were kept in mind when designing this home, which has a contemporary cottage look with soft hues and rustic pine floors.  We incorporated lap siding throughout most of the main living space to add texture and depth to the walls.  We kept with a neutral palette and added pops of apple green.  The oversized porches off the back of the house allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and mountains.  All of these elements make this home the perfect retreat.

Sallie at Awards
Sallie at the Awards Ceremony

Please come by to see our fabulous trophies, and stay tuned to see our commercial project winners in our next post!

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Sometimes you have to let something special go to get it back.  And that is exactly what happened with us.  We are proud to say Lewis Robinson is back; back indeed as a full time designer working with us in our expanding business.  Lewis is an AIA Associate Member with an excellent sense of aesthetics. His focus with Accents of the South will be helping us fully integrate architectural and interior design.  With these added capabilities to our firm, it is our goal to create meaningful homes for each of our clients. Homes that have a sophisticated charm and a timeless spirit.

Welcome back Lewis and Lucy (our mascot)!Picture1


It’s great to be back and on the Accents of the South team again! Many of you know me (and my dog Lucy) already.  At the beginning of this year, I went on an adventure to work on a New York Hamptons shingle style house. This project was an amazing learning experience that has taught me so much. I supported incredible designers on the Hamptons project after the design of the project was done. I found though that I had better opportunity to lead projects from the very beginning, work with clients and use my own creativity on all parts of the project here at Accents of the South. 

Through the Hamptons project I was exposed to and have studied some of the best from this period of design like Edwin Lutyens, David Hicks, and Albert Hadley, and of course McAlpine Tankersley Architecture with whom I had the great pleasure and honor of working with during this adventure on the Hamptons 1For those that don’t know me, I grew up in Huntsville and Athens, Georgia, I left for New Orleans at the age of 18 for a “classical” education in Modern Architecture and received my Masters in Architecture at Tulane University. There I learned about the great modernists who revolutionized architecture and interior design in the early 20th century, like LeCorbusier, Walter Gropius, and Mies van der Rohe.Modern educationAfter college, I spent a summer abroad in Greece studying. This piqued my interest in history which I followed with courses in the Classical world of the ancients. I continued my studies through Italy, studying Pompeii and Palladio, and France studying chateaux and jardins. When I came back to New Orleans I apprenticed, in the modern sense, with the best Classical architect in New Orleans, Barry Fox. There we restored New Orleans Garden District Mansions and French Quarter combined photoMy “modern” training in Classicism put me on a focused path for many years in historic preservation and new historically designed houses. After I moved home, Beverly and I met when we worked together on one of Accents of the South’s projects, here I was able to use much of what I had learned in molding, cabinetry and millwork design. Since then we have created many fabulous spaces together, from Greek Revival to Transitional style homes, to rustic and playful Adirondack lake cottages.his work lakehouseblog 3I am excited to “re”join the team at Accents of the South! I look forward to seeing all of you in September!

– Lewis Robinson